ACONDE 3.28 Feet USB LED Strip Lights 24 Keys Remote

Size Name: 3.28 feet
Sale price£9.99


  • With the remote control you can adjust colour, brightness, scene mode, etc.
  • USB strip lights decorate your indoor space, such as dining room, kitchen, bedroom, washroom, car, tent, etc.
  • RGB SMD 5050, Super adhesive backing tape; suitable for most surfaces.
  • Each led strip lights have 30 lamp beads and each led can be cut.
  • 12 months warranty with timely and intimate services.

Size Name:3.28 feet

●DIY, no matter where you like to decorate (except sealed metal parts), such as your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, washroom, stairs, garage, basement, windows, cabinets, TV background wall, etc.
●It is also applicable for scenes of holidays, parties and celebrations
●It is really cool to decorate your cars and bikes with our strip lights

●Environmental friendly; without harmful substances or radiation; Safe for children
●1m USB cable, Super adhesive backing tape and easy to use
●After cutting the strip lights, the part that does not connect to the power supply will not be used
●24-Keys Remote Controlled
1) Brightness “+” or “-”, When lighting 16 single colour, you can adjust the brightness of the light through the remote control
2) FLASH: 7 colour jumpy change
3) STROBE: white fade in or out
4) FADE: 7 colour fade change
5) SMOOTH: 7 base colour jumpy
6) When you select the above 2, 3, 4, 5 mode, the adjustment button will change from adjusting the brightness to adjusting the speed.

Package Include:
● 1 x Led Strip Light - 1m/3.28ft
● 1 x 1m USB Cable
● 1 x Remote Control
● 2 x Pin Connectors

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