Fish Tank Filter, Internal Aquarium Small Tank

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  • Optimal water filtration system for small aquariums that ensures proper oxygenation for clear water and a healthy environment.
  • With the detachable spray bar, Nicrew aquarium filter also could work as a wave maker, fountain water pump and oxygen supply, helping agitate the water surface and improve aeration.
  • Quickly assembles and disassembles and comes with five suction cups for secure in-tank installation.
  • Perfect for odd-shaped or shallow habitats–can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can be fully submerged.
  • Internal filter providing mechanical and chemical filtering. Comes complete with media and pipework.

Product Description

Aquarium Internal Filter

Filter is the life support system for any aquarium. An Internal filter is easy to use and maintain. The carbon cartridge contains highly porous carbon that effectively removes odors, discolorations and impurities. The foam filter media provides effective and thorough mechanical and biological filtration, making your aquarium more cleaner and healthier.

NICREW Aquarium Internal Filter

NICREW internal filter, supported by powerful motion system, integrated filtration and pump into one. It absorbs the impurities, fish waste and odors, provides purified water after filtration, effectively solves problems of water turbidity, water not-circulating and insufficient oxygen supply. Water is continuously pumped to achieve filtration, water circulation, oxygen supplement and wave making to create superior water environment for fish and make fish much livelier.

  • Multiple installations
  • Fully submersible, low noise, durable
  • Spray bar with adjustable direction
  • Efficiently cleans and filters water with powerful filtration
  • Easy to maintain with removable and washable filter element
  • Accessories for oxygen supplement for aquarium

Add Oxygen

The filter can increase oxygen content in water so that fish and plants don't lack oxygen, effectively inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria and prevent water from deteriorating.

Adjustable Regulator

The air and water flow can be adjusted by rotating the air regulator, which can distributes a gentle and even flow of water, suitable for delicate fish or shrimp.

Perform Dual Filtration

Built in carbon cartridge and filter sponges with biochemical materials, creating healthy and clear water quality for aquatic animals and plants.


-The filter sponge and impeller should be cleaned regularly.

-Rinse sponge using water taken from the aquarium or replace it.

-The internal media chamber can be customized with other filter media to meet your tank’s needs.

Dimensions 5.3'' x 1.6'' x 1.2'' 7.1‘’ x 1.9'' x 1.5" 8.1'' x 2.4'' x 2''
Fits Aquarium Up to 40 L 40 - 80 L 80- 160 L
Power 5 W 7 W 10 W
Gallons per Hour 53 GPH 100 GPH 185 GPH

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