Interpet Internal Aquarium Fish Tank Mini Power Filter

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  • Water filter for cleaner, healthier aquariums - four stage filtration with directional control and flow rate control
  • Removes particulate waste from the aquarium, removes odours and toxic chemicals
  • The good bacteria will thrive on the plain foams within the filter and break down the waste (excess fish food, plant matter, fish waste) to keep water clean and healthy for your fish
  • Comes with an easy to use fixing bracket. The bracket and suckers can be left in place while the filter is removed from the aquarium for cleaning
  • The powerful venturi thoroughly aerates the water, by increasing circulation of the aquarium water and thus the surface area

From the manufacturer

Internal Power Filter PF Mini

Why choose the PF Mini

  • Cleaner healthier aquariums – triple stage filtration
  • Full adjustability - easy flow rate and direction adjustment
  • Easy fitting - unique easy locate cradle
  • Easy maintenance - easy clean filter cartridge

- help to increase aeration/oxygen content

- increase circulation of tank water and thus surface area

- rotate tank water from bottom of the tank up

Suitable for aquariums from 5 litres to 40 litres

For clean, healthy aquariums

A range of 5 units to suit aquariums from 5-180 litres (14-48), the PF Filtration system represents the most versatile, comprehensive and easy-to-use filters available.

With its unique easily located cradle the filters are simple to fit and its triple action filter will keep your aquarium clean. Better aeration with its rocker switch controlled powerful venturi and better maintenance due to its easy clean filter cartridge.

It has a patented Aqua valve which allows waste materials to pass into the filter, whilst at the same time preventing them from dumping back into the aquarium. Therefore unlike other filters the PF filter range allows you to simply turn off the filter and the remove the body for cleaning without seeing the removed waste drop back into the aquarium.

Fully adjustable, with an easy flow rate and direction adjustment.

Max flow rate 200 Litres/hour (44 Gallons/hour). Power: 5 Watts. Ideal for aquarium size: Length - up to 35 cm (14 inches), Volume - 5-40 Litres (1-9 Gallons).

For aquariums up to approximately 35cm/5-40 litres

Max flow rate: 200 Litres/hour (44 Gallons/hour)

Power: 5 Watts

Volume: 5-40 Litres (1-9 Gallons)

Replacement filter medias:

B001C0N5N6 - Foams

B004TOVIQS - Carbon Foams

Why Use an Aquarium Filter?

An aquarium is a “closed” environment. By this we mean that the water in the aquarium is not constantly being replaced as in, for example, a stream or river. Any deterioration in the quality of the water can have a disastrous effect on the livestock in your aquarium. Filtration is essential for healthy fish and plants and a clean and clear aquarium.

For many aquariums, a simple HOB (hang on back) filter will adequately aerate your tank. Many filters have outputs that drop the water into the surface of the tank and, therefore, provide adequate surface agitation. This surface disturbance increases the surface area in contact with the atmosphere and, therefore, increases oxygen absorption. Additionally, the filter circulates the water in your tank which is important because it moves the water at the bottom of your aquarium (water that is not gaining oxygen from the air) to the top surface so it can increase its oxygen concentration.

Filtration Foam Features

Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical filtration is the term used to describe the removal of particulate waste from the aquarium. This includes uneaten food, dead plant matter, fish waste and surfactants such as dust. In the PF filter, the plain foam performs the primary mechanical filtration.

Chemical Filtration

Chemical filtration takes place in the black foam of the filter. This foam is impregnated with carbon. Water is forced through this foam after having been pre-filtered by the plain foam. The carbon will help remove odours, toxic heavy metals and chlorine, water discolouration and unwanted treatments. The carbon foam has a finite life span and should be replaced every 3-6 weeks. The carbon foam must also be removed if treatments are in use, as if present, it will remove these treatments rendering them ineffective. Once the treatments have run their course, the carbon foam should be placed back into the filter.

Biological Filtration

Decaying plant matter, fish food, fish waste and other organics will break down into a highly toxic compound called “ammonia”. If untreated, ammonia is lethal to fish, even in very small concentrations. Fortunately there are naturally occurring bacteria in the aquarium that will break down ammonia into less harmful compounds.

The bacteria (known as Nitrosomonas) require an oxygen-rich environment and a media with a very high surface area in order to flourish. Once they have broken ammonia down into nitrite, a different type of bacteria (nitrobacter) breaks the nitrite down into a compound called nitrate, which is far less harmful to fish. Nitrate content can be kept at safe levels by performing partial water changes (10% every 1-2 weeks). The bacteria mentioned above will thrive on the plain foam(s) included with the PF filter. The plain foam(s) must never be washed in tap water, as this will kill the beneficial bacteria. If it does require rinsing, this should only be done using a bucket of water taken from the aquarium. When you need to replace the foam(s), ensure you do so suing 50% old and 50% new to ensure a continual supply of bacteria. To monitor ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels in your aquarium, we recommend Interpet’s liquid or tablet test kits.

  • Directional Flow Control -This is achieved by attaching the flow deflector to the outlet nozzle of the PF Mini. Use the flow deflector to push water in the desired direction. Remember that to achieve maximum oxygenation of the water; the flow deflector may be used to push water upwards, thus disturbing the surface of the aquarium.
  • Fixing Bracket - The PF Mini is supplied with an easy to use fixing bracket. The bracket and suckers can be left in place while the filter is removed from the aquarium for cleaning.
  • Maintenance - The Interpet PF Filter has been designed to give high performance with low maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your aquarium. However, regular maintenance is an essential task if your aquarium fish are to remain healthy. Spare parts, replacement foams and accessories are available for all Interpet PF filters.


PF Filter flow rate drops considerably

Check for blockages to the filter inlets. Ensure fibrous material such as plant matter have not formed an obstruction. Remover the foams and clean them if blocked. If the foams have lost their shape, they may be fully blocked and will need replacing. If this does not resolve the flow rate problem, check the impeller.

PF Filter is noisy

The impeller of the pump may need cleaning/replacing. To do this the impeller should be removed. The impeller should be carefully cleaned using a soft cloth. A small brush or cloth may be inserted into the impeller chambers removing any debris inside. Once the impeller has been cleaned the magnet should be inspected for any damage in any way, the impeller should be replaced.

Power cut

Any interruption of more than 2-3 hours of the water supply through the filter will cause the bacteria in the filter to die. Should this occur, do not simply restart the filter. You must thoroughly clean ALL the filter material and start the filter again. In an aquarium fully stocked with fish, this may lead to water quality problems. The filter should be seeded with Interpet Filter Start. Regular checks should be made on the ammonia levels and if they reach detectable levels, we recommend the use of Interpet Ammonia Remover.

Water will not stay crysal clear

If the aquarium does not contain large, messy fish it is recommended that you consider using Interpet’s Filter Aid which clumps together fine particles and allows them to be removed more effectively by the filter foams. Additionally, cut down on feeding levels for two to three days and ensure you regularly perform partial water changes.

Replacement Consumables

IP Internal Power Filter PF Mini Plain Filter Pad x 3 - Effective biological and mechanical filtration - The foam acts as a media for critical media to inhabit and removes waste such as uneaten food and plant matter from the aquarium.

IP Internal Power Filter PF Mini Carbon Filter Pad x 4 - Carbon Filter Pads are a chemical filtration device which are very effective in removing toxic heavy metals, odours, chlorine, unwanted treatments and water discolouration and should be replaced every 8 weeks.

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