Mattel Games Uno Card Game

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  • ​UNO The classic card game of matching colours and numbers​​
  • ​ Players take turns matching one of their cards with the colour or number card shown on the top of the deck ​​
  • ​Write your own rules for game play with the Wild Customizable cards​
  • ​Score points by being the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand;
  • ​First player or team to 500 wins​​
  • ​UNO is easy to pick up, impossible to put down​

From the manufacturer

Easy to Pick Up, Impossible to Put Down!

UNO is the family-favorite card game that takes only minutes to learn and provides hours of exciting gameplay.

Great for Game Night

Play with a single partner or let UNO get the party started with a group of up to 10 players. Either way you play, prepare for lots of competitive fun!


Simple Rules, Fierce Competition

Match cards by color or number in a race to deplete your hand. When you’re down to one card, don’t forget to yell, “UNO!”

Bring on the Action!

With 32 special action cards - Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos, Wild and Draw Four Wild - the outcome of the game can shift at any moment.

You Write the Rules!

Four customizable Wild Cards let you make the penalties as easy or as tough as you choose - either way, each one is a total game-changer.

Fast Fun for Everyone!

With simple instructions and no reading required, it’s anyone’s game! UNO is big fun for players of almost any age.

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