Ring In-Car Air Compressor for Cars

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  • FIRM FAVOURITE WITH REVIEWERS. Over 1000 positive Amazon reviews for this easy-to-use inflator.
  • FAST INFLATION. The RAC610 can inflate a 13” tyre to 35PSI in UNDER 4.5 MINUTES. It also comes with valve adaptors for use on bicycle tyres and balls.
  • EASY TO USE. Just one button – no complicated settings. Simply switch on to start inflation, and off when inflation is complete. It’s that simple.
  • POWERED FROM YOUR VEHICLE. Plugs straight into your 12V DC socket (cigarette lighter), for easy tyre maintenance whether you’re outside your home or travelling. It’s small and stores neatly, with cable and hose clipping onto the unit.
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Watch the video to see the RAC610 in action, and scroll down for more information on this popular inflator. 1000+ reviewers can’t be wrong!

From the manufacturer

Ring RAC610 Tyre Inflator

Perfect for: straightforward tyre maintenance

A classic, simple inflator. For straightforward inflation, the RAC610 is a great choice.

Save money and stay safe

Properly inflated tyres will improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear, saving you money at the pumps and in car maintenance. Well maintained tyres also improve your vehicle’s handling – making it easier and safer to drive.

  • Inflates car tyre in under 4.5 mins
  • Analogue gauge
  • Max 80 PSI
  • PSI, kg/cm2 and BAR
  • 48cm air line
  • 2.9m power cable
  • Powered through in-car 12V/cigarette lighter

Key Features and Benefits

Fast Inflation Time

Inflates a car tyre from flat to 35PSI in under 4.5 minutes. It is powered from your in-car 12V socket, with a long 2.9m cable to reach the tyres all around the vehicle.

Simple to use

Just one button to start and stop. This is refreshingly straightforward, simple and hassle-free.

Everything you need

Analogue gauge that shows the pressure in PSI, kg/cm2 and BAR. Comes with a three piece adaptor set, so you only need one inflator for vehicle tyres, bike tyres and small inflatables like paddling pools and balls.

Classic inflator

If you want a traditional gauge with the power of electric inflation, this is the choice for you.

Inflation time in under 4.5 mins 4.5 mins 3.0 mins 3.0 mins 2.0 mins 90 seconds
Display Analogue Digital Large Preset Digital Preset Digital Analogue Analogue
Light None Built-in white light & red SOS light Built-in white light None None
Inflates Air Beds & Other Inflatables No No No Yes No No
Powered By 12v DC (in car) socket 12v DC (in car) socket 12v DC (in car) socket 12v DC (in car) socket Mains 230v plug Direct to car battery/12V leisure battery
Power Cable Length 2.9m 2.9m 3.5m 3.0m 1.8m 2.4m
Air Line Length 48cm 47cm 70cm 53cm 75cm 7m (extended)
Suitable for Car and motorcycle tyres Car and motorcycle tyres Car and motorcycle tyres Car and motorcycle tyres Car, motorcycle, wheel chair and scooter tyres Car, motorcycle, wheel chair, scooter, transit van and motor home tyres

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