Tetra AquaSafe, to Turn Tap Water Safe

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  • AquaSafe leaves no residues and is completely broken down to harmless substances
  • Add AquaSafe to new tap water at a rate of 5ml per 10litres (2 gallons) to make it safe.

From the manufacturer

Tetra Water Care Products

The Tetra range offers aquarium owners a wide variety of products for the easy creation and maintenance of healthy aquarium water.As with Tetra foods, all care products and treatments are the results of unrivalled investment in R&D, and more than 60 years of experience within the industry.

Consisting of many suitable and reliable products, Tetra water's treatment range provides everything needed to easily set up and maintain an aquarium with clear and safe water to create an environment in which your fish feel at home.

Which Tetra Water Care Product Should I Choose?

- Tetra AquaSafe turns tap water immediately into fish safe nature-like aquarium water

- Tetra SafeStart creates a biologically active environment to allow the fast introduction of fish into a newly set up aquarium

- Tetra EasyBalance provides long-term care for biologically healthy water, and reduces the number of water changes required

- Tetra CrystalWater cleans dirt particles from the aquarium water fast, safely and reliably

- Tetra NitrateMinus reduces the algae nutrient (NO3) reliably and in a natural way

How Do I Know If I Have Good Water Quality?

Good water quality is vital for healthy fish and plants; however there is no way to visibly check this. For the well being of the fish, it is recommended to test every 2-3 days in a aquarium, and once a week in established aquariums.

Tetra test products allow simple and precise measurements of water quality values in feshwater and marine aquaria. All tests are calibrated using the most up-to-date laboratory equipment, and produced according to the highest international standards.

Tetra Water Care App

The world of Aquatic products and solutions to make fish keeping easy in one single app! Welcome to Tetra Aquatics; your go-to tool for maintaining your aquarium. Discover the helpful features for water testing, finding the perfect aquarium with our augmented reality and never miss a filter change with our handy reminder service.

Getting Started- What do I Need?


The aquarium itself is the starting point and, just like with the fish, there's a huge choice of sizes, shapes and colours! For a high quality aquarium starter kit, there is Tetra AquaArt aquarium which is available in different sizes. It contains everything you need to get started with either coldwater or tropical fish.


The most important piece of equipment in any aquarium is the filter. All aquaria, no matter how small, need a system to filter the water, keeping it clean and safe for the fish. There are a number of different filters available, all suited to different aquarium types. Again, the advantage of the starter kit is that a suitable filter, the Tetra EasyCrystal filter has been selected for you.


If you have decided to keep tropical rather than goldfish (coldwater) fish you will require a thermostatic aquarium heater. They are available in a range of sizes and the larger the aquarium the greater the wattage of heat will be needed. If the heater is too small it will not be able to keep the tank warm enough.

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